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The power consumption of the t5proLT5 PRO model is 3100W and up to 2455M after the upgrade, while the old version of Lt5 has only 2.05G of computing power, which is 2050M and power consumption of 2080w. If you only look at the power consumption of computing power, the old version of Lt5 is often the best choice. Of course, as one of the most popular mining machine manufacturers this year, Jinbei, as a businessman, tends to maximize profits. As soon as the lt5 futures are released, the upgraded version of the lt5pro will be released immediately. Although the computing power of lt5pro can not reach a position of Ant L7, it is also a big improvement, which is equivalent to directly increasing the computing power of an Ant L3+. Of course, after the computing power increases, the power consumption also increases up to 3100w , this comparison is much inferior to the old version of the machine Lt5, but the advantage of this machine lies in its high cost performance, although the power consumption increases, its price is not much different from the old version of the lt5pro, of course, the miners who mine LTC are mainly for Doge proceeds.

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Generated currencies: Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC) Rated computing power: 2.4GH/S±5% Rated power consumption: 3100W±5% Rated voltage: 176-264V Product size: 264*200*290mm Product weight: 8.5kg Network connection: Ethernet Noise: ≤80dB Use environment: working temperature: 0℃~35℃   Whatsapp:+8618775369519    Skype:+8618775369519 Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ  
Generate currency DOGE、LTC
Rated computing power 2.4GH/S±5%
Rated power consumption 3100W±5%
Rated voltage 176-264V
Product Size 264*200*290mm
product weight 8.5kg
Internet connection Ethernet
noise ≤80dB
Use environment Working temperature: 0℃~35℃

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