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Gold Shell HS5 is a professional ASIC mining machine that supports HNS and SC mining, and is an upgraded version of HS3. If you are interested in HNS or SC mining, it is very necessary to read this article carefully. 1. The appearance of the unpacked HS5 is the same as that of the HS3-SE. It adopts the integrated design of mining machine + power supply. The measured measurement is 290*280.187mm, which is the same as the official data. The weight of the bare machine is 8.5kg. The mining machine has four built-in computing power boards, and four fans are equipped with active air supply + active ventilation for heat dissipation, which is not much different from the standard ASIC mining machine. The interface of Jinbei HS5 mining machine control board is IP report button, Ethernet interface, TF card slot, remake button and status indicator, which is more convenient for miners to get started. The official nominal parameters are: Plug in the power supply and network cable to start work, connect the network cable to the Lan port, enter the router background to find the IP address of the miner, and then enter the IP address found in the browser to enter the control page of the miner. The default interface is English. There is a small flag in the upper right corner of the control page. Click to switch the language. To change the miner parameters, click the "unlock" button in the upper right corner and enter the default password "123456789" to modify the miner. After unlocking, you can modify the mining pool for mining, enter the "Mining Machine Settings" page, and add the HNS mining pool information of the mining pool. After the addition is completed, the mining machine will automatically start the mining process. As an upgraded version of HS3, Jinbei HS5 has a relatively large improvement in computing power. The nominal computing power is 2700G, and the actual computing power is 2800G when it runs for 8 minutes, and the overall computing power has increased by about 35%. During operation, we measured the noise of the HS5 at a close distance (measured close to the mining machine) at about 91dB, which is louder. However, because the HS5 is designed for the mining environment, the overall impact is not large.

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Generated currency: HNS, SC Rated computing power: HNS: 2700GH/S±5% SC: 5400GH/S±5% Rated power consumption: HNS: 2650W±5% SC: 1500W±5% Power consumption ratio HNS: 0.98W/G±5% SC: 0.28W/G±5% Rated voltage: 176-264V Product size: 264*200*290mm Product weight: 8.5kg Network connection: Ethernet Noise: ≤80dB Use environment: working temperature: 0℃~35℃ Whatsapp:+8618775369519    Skype:+8618775369519 Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ  
Generate currency HNS,SC
Rated computing power HNS:2700GH/S±5% SC:5400GH/S±5%
Rated power consumption HNS:2650W±5% SC:1500W±5%
Power consumption ratio HNS:0.98W/G±5% SC:0.28W/G±5%
Rated voltage 176-264V
Product Size 264*200*290mm
product weight 8.5kg
Internet connection Ethernet
noise ≤80dB
Use environment Working temperature: 0℃~35℃

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